Property Search

Buying Process

1  Arranging your mortgage

Before you set out to look at properties, best practice is to find out what your budget will be. There’s nothing worse than finding the property of your dreams and the realising afterwards it’s out of your reach. Cadley Cauldwell works in partnership with Great British Finance who have Independent Mortgage Advisers and can make you an appointment to see someone, alternatively, visit your Bank or another Independent Mortgage Adviser. They will indicate what you can afford and you will be able to obtain an agreement in principle. This shows your intent and commitment to any proposed seller.

2  Location and Criteria

Having a good idea where you want to live will help you to focus on finding your new home. Communicating your wants and needs clearly and accurately will help you to avoid unnecessary viewings and allows you to maximise your time looking for the right property. Be clear about your requirements, bedrooms, bathrooms, reception rooms and garage if required, to assist with the search process and reduce the stress levels involved in house-hunting.

3  Contact Cadley Cauldwell

Once you established your affordable expenditure, type of home and location(s) it is time to contact and register your details with the local agents. Our team is fully knowledgeable in the local and surrounding areas and happy to offer you as much help as you need to find your dream home and also offer advice to you all the way through the purchasing process. The Key to a successful viewing is to arrange a suitable time and date by contacting the agent and allowing flexibility to suit all parties involved.

4  Instructing your solicitors

At this stage it’s important to decide on the firm of conveyancing solicitors to represent you. Speak to Cadley Cauldwell who can obtain quotes on your purchase. Having a good firm of solicitors on standby will certainly encourage vendors to take you seriously.

5  Making an offer

Once you’ve found the right property submit your offer to the Estate Agent who will present this in the best possible light to the sellers. The Sellers will then make their decision based on your offer, your financial position in the market place and any other useful information that you can provide which could have an impact on the vendor’s decision.

6  Offer accepted

Once your offer is accepted your solicitors will start the legal process. At the same time your Financial / Mortgage Adviser or Bank need to submit your Mortgage application. A survey will be instructed which can range from a basic mortgage valuation through to a full structural survey. The choice on the type of survey to be done will be yours. For more guidance on the different types of survey you could speak to a member of our team or your Financial / Mortgage Adviser. Once your mortgage company is happy with everything and your application is successful, your mortgage offer will be issued.

7  Exchange of Contracts

When contracts are exchanged on the property, the purchase becomes legally binding. You agree the date you become the legal owners and together we are on our way to achieving the initial goal. Not quite time to celebrate yet though…

8  Completion

Now you can celebrate as the most exciting part is the day of completion. You can now move into your new home and once the completion is confirmed you will be presented with the Keys to your new home. Our journey together ends for now until you’re ready to sell or make another purchase……